HELP!! XP Home OEM Installation Problem!!

I don't know what to do...

Here's my problem:

There are two ways to install Windows XP is through your current operation system (currently windows 98 (for me)) and the other is boot with the cd in drive...both are giving me probelms at about the same spot...

For those familiar with Windows XP Installation:

After you boot up with the disk in drive, the program checks for hardware (black DOS screen) then follows up with a Blue screen called Windows Setup...this is where I crash on both instances...If I attempt to install through Windows 98, installation just freezes there....If I attempt to install straight from a cd boot, I receive the error:

<b>An unexpected error (0) occured at line 1768 in d:\xpclient\base\boot\setup\arcdisp.c</b>

Now...I've tried loading on a fully blank hard drive...a hard drive with just dos partitions...a hard drive with formated dos partitions...and a hard drive with windows 98 loaded...still same problem...


Maybe some of you familiar with Microsoft Help online can help me out?

By the way, I have an ECS K7S5A w/ a 1.4 Athlon...
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  1. Are you wanting a dual boot? If not, boot to your 98 startup disk, fdisk and delete the active partition. Then, put your XP CD in and let it boot and run the install program. Only do it this way if you want to change your file format to NTFS. I had the same happen to me and this worked. It never gave me an option to keep the fat32 system, but I was going to convert it anyways. Another thing that it might be, do you have any scsi cards installed? I had to take my Ata100 card out to load XP on another install. Just a couple of things to try. Let me know if any of these work...
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