Add Another Computer to Existing XP Wireless Network

I have a Dell E310 desktop machine with a cable modem and Linksys G2.4 attached. The internet connection is working fine.

I also have a Dell 1520 Laptop with an internal wireless network card.

How do. How do I add the 1520 to the working wireless network of the E310? The 1520 sees the network named Haywire but will not connect to it.

Bob E.
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  1. Do you have a network ID and password setup on the router ? Manually ad network and specify ad-hoc if NO security (not recommended) or manual SSID (structured secure). You need to setup SSID, password and a few other things in the wireless section of your router prior to setting the laptop to connect to it. By the way, if this is a home network I suggest you set it to Workgroup and not Domains.
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