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Hey everyone,

Please excuse my question as it may seem silly, but I am a total noob with RAID.


I just ordered a 4 drive eSATA enclosure that supports RAID 5. I have a 2TB drive in my pc currently that houses all of my data. My question is:

With 4 2TB drives (8TB, 6TB usable) in the enclosure, can I use this enclosure just like an external hard drive? As in, drag and drop my data from the 5th (master) drive in my PC to the enclosure?

I hope this is correct because all of my data would be backed up AND protected from drive failures. If this is incorrect, could someone explain how i could accomplish this?

Thanks! :)
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    Yes it will work like any other USB / Esata HDD

    the raid 5 is controlled by the enclosure and windows is non the wiser that its even going on.

    Best practise is keep it on ur actual computer and on the external setup. make sure ur backup's complete regulary (daily at least)
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  3. That is totally awesome and the answer i was looking for! Thank you very much!!
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