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I'm looking to build a new computer strictly for gaming but can't decide between the i5-750 and the i7-860. From what I have read the difference seems negligible.. is that correct?
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  1. It depends on which games, what resolution and what video card.
    If you are running a 4650, the difference between a core i7 and Athlon IIx2 would be negligible.

    So I ask you what games? What resolution? And what are the other system components?

    The advantage of the core i7 is hyperthreading and in current games that will make no difference.
  2. The i5 750 is the best bang for buck gaming CPU available. All else being equal, if its a i7 860 with a decent GPU or an i5 750 and a better GPU, the 750 will win (for gaming) every time. Get the i5 750 and spend that extra on a GPU upgrade unless you're already adequately spec'd out. If so, just save the money. So, what GPU are you planning and what are the rest of the parts spec'd out?

    Heres the two head to head. i7 860 in blue on top, orange is i5 750. The gaming benchmarks are near the bottom. Exactly the same except Fallout 3, the i7 has a 4 fps lead, but at 86 vs 90, you're not going to know there was a difference.
  3. Thanks for the replies,

    I'm going to be running it on the Asus Maximus III Formula

    with probably 4gigs of g.skill Ripjaw ram DDR3 1600

    Haven't picked a gpu yet, that was going to be the next step in the equation

    Edit: Games I'm going to play..hopefully any? haha =) with at least medium settings
  4. i5 750 is very good but when playing with a very strong graphics configuration and high resolution the higher stock clockrate of the 860 make give it an edge if you dont overclock. If you do then it doesn't really matter. And hyperthreading doesn't really make a difference in games.
  5. Take a quick read of my design guide in my sig. It walks through my thought process on designing a rig. You'll see for gaming, I start with the monitor and go for balance from there to the GPU then the CPU. I haven't updated it in a while, but the principals still apply.
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