Will my windows 7 sata hard drive function as a slave disk?

I have a functioning SATA hard drive with Windows 7 O/S but it's a 1.5 GHz processor. I got a new MB and faster processor but my hard drive wouldn't boot due to the hardware change. Someone told me I could get a new hard drive and just use my old drive in a primary-secondary drive setup. Will I be able to access the data on the old drive or will the old Windows 7 configuration prevent it?
I hope this is clear enough
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  1. There is no Master / Slave setup with Sata.

    you can have 1 device per sata port on your motherboard.

    best advice.

    1. Get a New HDD and plug it into your computer (sata port 1)
    2. Dissconnect your old one
    3. Install windows on ur new one
    4. after windows are drivers are all done, connect your old HDD to sata port 2 or higher and you will be able to see and access your old information

    each sata port is numbered on your motherboard, it can be small but will be labeled right next to the port.
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