Icons missing after hard drive letter changes?

In order to download the Diablo 3 Beta to my hard drive, I had to change its letter from B to E (D3 doesn't allow hard drives named A or B... sigh). When I finished downloading D3, I switched the name back to B, and now all of my desktop and start menu icons have been replaced with the white icon you get when the path is unknown (yet all of the shortcuts still work when clicked on). When I would go into the properties menu, I tried to "change" the icons back to their normal ones, but it wouldn't work (changing them to any of the standard Windows icons worked, but trying to change them back to their default ones wouldn't go). Any thoughts? It's really frustrating.
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  1. Do a Windows system restore, then install Diablo 3 properly
  2. I don't have any system restore points... =(

    Is there a way to refresh the icon cache or anything of that sort?
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