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Hi everyone,

At the moment I am running 2GB (DDR-800) of RAM in single channel mode (two chips but different brands so MB doesn't recognise it as dual) on the following set up:

Win XP 32 bit
Asus M2A-VM
Athlon 6000+
Radeon 4670 512 MB

Is it worth me forking out $120 Aus for two x 2 gig chips (4 gigs in total, although I know XP will only see 3.25 gig of it) that can run in dual channel mode and I have more RAM? Or would my money be better spent on a new video card or maybe CPU?
I only use my PC's high end capabilities for gaming.

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  1. Well DDR2 RAM is very pricey now I would say its not worth touching that system your processor is too slow for modern games and the 4670 isn't the best gaming card either. I would wait til you have enough money together to do a full rebuild since all your components are a tad out of date.
  2. Dual channel won't help performance much on that setup. Not worth the money just for dual channel.

    I will disagree with SAAIELLO on one point, I know several people gaming on similar machines. You may not get, max settings out of modern games, but its a solid budget gamer.
  3. Ok, I can play Starcraft 2, Modern Warfare 2 and Crysis all at high/ultra quality and a decent resolution (1280 x XXXX) so until I struggle to get games too run well I'll just keep it as it is then.
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