Cyclic recudancy check???

i bought sea gate 320 GB free agent go it was working fine but when i recently plugged it my computer does not recognize it .
i went to disk management it was unallocated and not initialized when i try to initialize it a message showed up data error cyclic redundancy check . i tried using software “Active@ Kill Disk” . please help me it does not have any important data i just want my hard disk back.
please help!!!!!!!!! :(
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  1. A CRC (clyclic redundancy check) failure usually means the drive is now useless. If it's under warranty, try to get an RMA for it. If it's no longer under warranty, you can try removing the drive from the enclosure and hooking it up directly to your computer. If the drive works, then the problem is actually with the enclosure and not the drive.
  2. thank you
  3. In case you have data that you really want to recover, sometimes putting it in a frezzer for 24 hours, then plugin it in about 20 minutes after you take it out might make it work. (Just make sure you do 2 things: First, dont put it inside your case, drag the cable outside. This is to avoid condensation to create a drop of water in your case. Second if you really need the data, take it to someone who can recover it for a price, since after the frezzer trick, the drive will be even less likely to be recoverable).

    In other words, do it only if you "kinda want" whats on it.
  4. What do the following utilities report about your drive?

    HD Sentinel (DOS / Windows / Linux):

    HDDScan for Windows:
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