Upgrading Dell Dimension 4700

So i have a Dell Dimension 4700 and I have had it forever, its been like my junk computer for the past 4 years, and it just crashed completely and i want to buy all new parts for it. I will basically just use it to game, and im just wondering what kind of parts can i get for it?
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  1. I guess it depends on what you think is still good on the Dell.....what are you planning on reusing?

    IMHO, look at the prices for new bare bones systems (enclosure, cpu, mobo and RAM) and you will probably be able to get more bang for your buck as opposed to trying to shoehorn new components in that mini-tower Dell enclosure.....once again though, I guess it depends on just what you plan on salvaging from the Dell.
  2. Staples has a good deal on a compaq for $299, Dual core AMD 240 processor @ 2.8Ghz which can be upgraded to an 89w Quad core. I bought one for the wife to use today since I had $30 in easycash and $30 off a purchase of $150. <grin> For $240 I couldn't build one that cheap. Now she can stay off my gaming rig!
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