Gaming questions...:)

ok...i have narrowed down my rig to basically:

Intel core i-7 920 2.66GHZ
ATI Radeon 5870 1GB
Corsair 6GB RAM
Western digital caviar black 640gb 7200rpm
Corsair TX-750 750W PSU
ASUS 24INCH BLACK LCD(1920x1080)
lOGITECH g15 gaming keyboard
razer copperhead precision gaming mouse
windows 7 64 bit

All up: $2770 AUD. a family friend may be able to knock off up to $400.

Questions: 1: do i need an SSD, what do they do?
2: Will this play new games, demanding games eg. crysis, MW2, LFD2, DRAGON AGE ORIGINS, just to name a few....if there are games it will not play, please let me know.
3: Not buying till early next year...better to wait and choose and why?
4: How upgradable is it? Will it last me a good 5 years?
5: Will all this fit in case with decent airflow?
PS: not 100% on $400 discount, but say $300 is knocked off, what should i put it towards.

Thanks :)
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  1. 1. You don't need an SSD, but it is hundreds of times faster than a regular HDD. Put your OS and the most frequently used programs on it for lightning-fast computing. A must for a computer with a budget like this one. Also, your HDD isn't that good. Consider a Samsung Spinpoint F3. Roughly same price (but 1TB capacity) and it's a lot faster.
    2. Are you kidding? This rig doesn't play games, it simply beats them up. You built a beast.
    3. Not really. There may be some vendor-modded graphics cards on the market by then (Sapphire's Vapor-X one for example), but that's hardly worth it with a beast like yours.
    4. It sure will, and the x58 platform will support the upcoming i9 6-core CPU's. So yes, it will last you a long time.
    5. It will all fit and the 902 has a godly airflow. Don't worry.

    On a side note: are you planning on heavy overclocking? If yes, you need an aftermarket CPU cooler, if no, there's no reason to get a motherboard that expensive.

    Another thingy: I find the Deathadder far more comfortable than the Copperhead, but that's personal of course.

    And another thing: the i5-750 is an even better gaming CPU at a lower cost. However, if you want to upgrade, you'll need to replace your motherboard too (no new CPU's are planned for the P55 platform). The next CPU for the x58 platform will be a 6-core i9, but it will cost roughly US$ 1500. If you want to be able to upgrade, get extreme gaming performance but aren't willing to spend that much, AMD's AM3 platform is great too. The current 965 is as good as the i7-920 for gaming and the AM3 platform will also get (more affordable) 6-cores.
  2. Thanks a lot man. Umm regarding your side notes:
    overclocking: I would, but to be honest I'm scared. I don't wanna screw up my computer or void the warranty. If you have an easyguide/tips please link it and a suitable cooler from if not please link a cheaper MOBOfrom same site.
    Also, link an ssd if you can from link above
    finally, if you suggest AM3's arebetter and as upgradable,please go ahead and link all parts relating to the new CPU and quote me the price:) thanks:)
  3. I think I may stick with the Intel CPU solely due to personal preferance, but could you still help with overclocking safely, MOBO price and and a suitable ssd from :)
  4. Scratch last post. I am willing to go for an AM3 as they are cheaper and a full.8GHZ faster. But it says quad core. Isn't that worse than an i7? Please still answer above questions.
  5. SSD: price/performance this is the best you can get is the Intel X25-M Postville G2 80GB, but that's not in stock there.

    These ones are great too (first is optimal in price/performance, the second is great for pure performance. Still, both are so fast you won't notice the difference. Get the first one I'd say):

    As for going with AM3: CPU ($289,30) Motherboard. Take a look at the features, you can get great motherboards for less money, or even better for more, but this is a great compromise. ($174,90)

    If you want to knock some off, the 955 costs only $257,00 and can be overclocked just a high, but has 0.2GHz less. In your case however, stick with the 965. Your budget more than allows it, and at stock speeds it's slightly better.

    Is it worse than an i7? Not for gaming, but for heavy professional use it is. So in your case, there's no difference. The 965's power consumption is also slightly lower. Both the i7 and the 965 are formidable overclockers, but the i7 can be done more extreme, but that's not a problem in your case.

    You will have to change your memory though. AM3 doesn't support tripple channel, so you'll need an amount of memory that's a power of 2 (2, 4, 8 or 16). 4 is more than enough for gaming and considered optimal. Should it prove not enough, adding another 4 is child's play (but that won't happen till it's time to replace the CPU and GPU as well :)).

    Next year (Q2 likely) 6-core CPU's will be launched. Both Intel's gulftown and AMD's Thuban will be compatible with an x58 and AM3 socket respectively, so both have nice prospects. As always, Gulftown will be superior, but at a US$1500 probably not worth it. Its only great feature we know of, hyperthreading, is pointless for gaming. Thuban will be less powerfull (it will be 6 lower clocked Phenom II cores), but more affordable and ideal for gaming. Think about it. Do you want the best performance, no matter the cost, or do you want equal gaming performance, but at a lower cost?

    PS: I recommended the Samsung F3, but it's not in stock at CentreCom. Still, consider a Caviar Black 1TB or 500GB, as these use 500GB platters rather than 320GB platters in the one you picked. Larger platters generate higher speed at the same power consumption.
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