I need an explanation on watercooling

I know how to put a waterblock on the GPU, but I still haven't found a video on how to set up EVERYTHING. Like the pump and all the tubes, I have no idea how to do this. Is there a video that shows how you set everything up and what are the things you need(like the pump and all the tubes)

Also is there a website that sells all those things?
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  1. I am no expert in fact i just recently setup my first custom water cooling loop. Good place to start is the water cooling sticky's on this forum. Super informative!! will explain everything from pumps, tubing, barbs or compression, tube sizing and websites to use. I personally used 3 dazmode.com, frozencpu.com, performance-pcs.com. You can also buy kits at all 3 of those stores that comes with rad, tube, barbs, block, and pump. good luck on your loop!
  2. frozencpu.com will have the pump and every thing you need. It's best to set it up like this. Resivor, pump, rad, and to your blocks. make sure you check for leaks before you put the stuff in your PC by hotwiring a PSU with a paper clip or a PSU tester away from your system. Tip. I like to use thread tap for my fittings. If you get compression fittings make sure your ID and OD match the Size tube you want. If you still need help refer to youtube as that helped me out. :)
  3. You might give the watercooling sticky a few good read-throughs. There are a lot of links in there as well as info that should help answer some questions and open up Pandora's box for the rest.
  4. @blackpanther, I'm so glad you can simplify W/c like that, I'm actually inspired to try cooling my Pc with water now
    @Op, the sticky will answer a lot for you, and we are here for any tricky questions you have :-)
  5. :lol:
    we are here for any tricky questions you have :-)
    sans the youtube suggestions :) - honestly there are tutorials out on google that you can dig up. In fact if you look at my build log, i have a tutorial/guide to assembling watercooling(lower down in my posts). Besides its not rocket science...its just applying common sense :)
  6. Sorry Lutfij, when I said 'We' I was referring to the non-youtube suggesting members like Yourself, Rubix and Myself :P
  7. np mate! was just pulling your leg there :P
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