What is my actual CPU Temp? (AMD Phenom II X3 720)

Hello there, I am having a bit of difficulty working out what the temperature of my CPU and other parts of my system are. I am wanting to identify the correct temperatures so I can monitor the wear on my computer.

I am using speedfan, however when installing speedfan you are given 5 different temperatures to start from.

The HDD Temps I have sorted, and renamed the tag within speedfan for these.

However I have having trouble identifying the others.

I have looked around the internet and I have not found anything thats helped.

I have taken screenshots of Speedfan Temperatures. CPU-HW Monitor temps and ASUS PC Prove II recordings (I have a ASUS Board).

and if my CPU has 2 different temperatures, what are they? a Core temp and a temp of the outside of my CPU?

When I turn my CPU Fan off. On speed fan the temp listed as CPU and temp1 both rise. However Core temp does not change. (The temp listed as MB Could actually be something else if PCPROBE II is incorrect).
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  1. You have a 3 core CPU. Bottom left box looks like the temps from the 3 cores, but looks low. Probably a bios problem getting the correct temp. I have a similar problem with my athlon 64x2 cpu not reporting good temps. Might be fixed with a bios updated.

    The right hand box shows CPU at 47 which is much more reasonable. MB is a motherboard temp. Temp1 will be northbridge or southbridge temp (another spot on the motherboard). The HDD temps are hard drives, but once again dont look right unless thats idle. My guess is MB is the southbridge and temp1 is the northbridge since turning the CPU fan off increases the heat to temp1 and the northbridge is close to the CPU.
  2. Those temps are actually correct. well. I have had one of the HDD's in another PC and they were only a little warmer. I have a be-quiet 120mm fan blowing directly on both of them

    Temp1 raises with CPU (speefan) yes. So I beleive you are probably correct with it been the north bridge.

    Thanks for your help. So it seems my core temps are not correct? I beleive i have the latest BIOS as ive already tried to run an update and my current BIOS was more recent then off the ASUS website.

    During just running Windows 7 / MSN and a few browser tabs and been on for serveral hours. Is 43Deg's a bit warm for my CPU?

    What would an ideal temp be for this type of CPU in the above situation?
    What would a ideal heavy load temp be for this CPU? (Probably the lower the better).

    Using stock cooling, but am looking to upgrade for reliability.
  3. Under full load by something like PRIME most people would stop if the temp got up to 70-75C. Normal running low 40s is pretty common.
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