Overclocking Radeon HD 4200 GPU on Asus M4A785-M

I am thinking about overclocking the Radeon HD 4200 graphics in my Asus M4A785-M motherboard. I know it is not the best idea, but I can't afford a good GPU, so this is the next best thing. Apparently the GPU shares the heatsink with the northbridge, is this something to be cautious about? The stock value for the GPU is 500(it gives no units, so I assume it is MHz, the min is 150, and the max is 1500, would something like 550-600 be safe to try, or should I start off with something much lower?
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  1. Hello, I have used this board and igpu alot as Im a system builder and this platform is a cost affective beast. The igpu is very overclockable but as always, u need to watch temps at idle and underload. You can try 600 mhz without ever upping the voltage, it will handle easy. You will not notice much of a differance know matter how far you overclock itso there is not much of a point. The thing is a beast for moderate setting gaming @ 720p without buying a graphic card. Whats your CPU in the machine cause that might be a better choice to upgrade. This mobo has acc so you can unlock dual cores to quads. Oh I almost forgot. The reason you wont see much improvement overclocking these(or other igpu's) is that they always have low memory bus width. For instance yours is 32 bit bus width. This is not overclockable and is more of the reason that these are not as fast as stand alone cards. Buying a stand alone card, you would not want under 256 bit bus width. Bus width = Always overlooked when people purchase graphic cards yet to me its just as important as clock speed or cell processors. I had my hd4200 clocked @ 800 Mhz with a small increase in volts. Stable for about two years. I also have a fan on the Northbridge.
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