h55m-ud2h problems

I just installed this board in my system with an I5 750 cpu and all I get is rapid beeps. I have replace the PS. What next?
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  1. Re-install the processor. Also check for any abnormal pins in your CPU socket.
    Put your RAMs in white slots.
  2. Just a quick 'reality check', here... You are plugging in the 2x2 ATX12V here?

    Don't want to insult - just that we get folks here of all experience levels, including people who haven't done a build since long before these CPU supply plugs became standard (people who 'roll their own' usually have fast enough machines so they skip a few more 'generations' before needing to replace their hardware, compared to those with 'off-the-shelf' WalMart crappers!)
  3. Here's a checklist that was created to troubleshoot this exact problem:

  4. Having the same issue. This is probably a RAM incompatibility with the motherboard. Try to put one stick of modules into the white slot next to the CPU, then start the computer. Enter BIOS and load optimized defaults. restart the computer.
    Turn it off then you can add the other module (if using dual channel).

    If this doesn't help, use one module in the slot and reduce speed in BIOS (under M.IT) to 1066 or 800.
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