SFF build with i7 920, 5850 and Silverstone Sugo SG04-H


I am just about to start ordering parts for a SFF build.

I have been browsing the forums to get an idea of what components are good and what works well together. During the course of this I have built a fairly good understanding what I want.

This is the build that I have come up with:

- Silverstone Sugo SG04-H (I really would like a handle and this seems like a nice build, supports dual 5850s etc...)
- ASUS Rampage II Gene mATX (nice and easy OC capabilities for a novice like myself, good overall features and connectability)
- Intell i7 920 D0 (nice to have 2x 16x PCIe slots if I decide to go crossfire and hyperthreading seems nice...)
- 6GB 1333Mhz DDR3 (from what I've seen there is no bang for the buck to go with anything faster)
- ATI HD5850 (should I spend the extra cash for the 5870? It seems like a bit overkill as I am not playing 1st person shooters)
- 1TB harddrive (are there any real performance differences here? Is 10000rpm boot drive worth it? SSD is too overpriced IMHO).
- Corsair H50 (seems like the best cpu cooler for SFF, especially for the case I have picked)
- 750W modular power supply (which brands are good bang for the buck?).

My budget is slightly flexible but I would like it to be good value...

Maybe the most interesting question here is - will this build run too hot? Would you recommend additional fans to be installed (if so - what kind of fans, brand etc...). Would i5 750 and the equivalent P55 mobo be a better alternative considering the lower heat?

Overall impressions are also much welcomed!

Thank you!

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  1. Have you looked at the coolermaster storm scout?

    The Corsair HX650 modular will handle two 5850s as will the Antec TruePower 650 semi-modular.
  2. I've seen the storm scout. However, I really wanted to get away with something signifficantly smaller like the SG04-H, Lanbox, Fragbox etc....

    So... only 650W? That would cover processor requirements and stuff as well?

    Still no answer in terms of temperatures.... will this system run too hot? In such a small chassis - should I really go with i5 instead?
  3. You've probably already built this by now but I have an almost identical build (EVGA board, 10000RPM boot HDD, 500GB data HDD, and silverstone NT06 cooler). I overclocked to 3.8GHz and the temps seem to be fine. I have the two 120mm fans as opposed to the one which certainly helps.
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