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Dvd drive shows in BIOS, but not in device manager

My new optic drive (multi) shows up in my BIOS, but does not show in device manager, and is not found by "scan for hardware changes".

I have just replaced a faulty Pioneer DVR-216 with a Pioneer DVR-219L.

I also tried with all programs stopped, including anti-virus etc.

I'm running XP-Pro SP3 fully up to date.
Motherboard GA-880GA-UD3H - BIOS Version/Date Award Software International, Inc. F2, 14/05/2010

By the way, the old DVD stopped recognising some DVDs, but other DVDs and CDs worked fine. This problem also showed when the drive was tested in another computer.
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  1. may be there is a fault in your harddisk so try another one and check it
  2. Ah, OK

    Just tried booting from the other hard-drive, all other hardware the same. Optic drive shows up and works fine.

    Definately looks like a Windows issue.

    By the way, it's shows up a lot on web searches, but
    Key Name: {4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318
    contains no UpperFilters and LowerFilters values.
  3. Try the following Microsoft web page.
  4. Just to make it clear ... is one of many many references to UpperFilters and LowerFilters, as mentioned above.

    There are NO entries for these in my registry.

    The additional elements of require the drive to show in the Device Manager.

    Other things I've now tried;

    I swapped the old DVD back, it showed in Device Manage self installed. I uninstalled it again incase it didn't take last time. I swapped to the new DVD, and it still didn't show in Device Manager. (Yes, it still looks fine in BIOS and works off my other boot)

    I tried moving it's connection around every sata port on my motherboard. (Slightly OCD ;) ) Results never different.

    I tried the new DVD in another computer running XP-Pro SP3 and it worked fine.

    I'd think I must have done something to XP when I tried to get my old DVD working before I established it was the DVD itself, but I formatted my windows boot partition and loaded a ghost.


    Doh! Didn't try the esata ports on the case. It's ugly with the cable looping back into the case, but the new DVD drive works fine off them.
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    Round 2, everything resolved

    Turned out to be a corrupt SATA driver, not the DVD itself.

    I looked through the devices by connection, and the eSATA went a different path than the onboard SATA. With a working optic drive, I used the motherboard CD to re-install drivers, and then swapped the DVD back inside. Everything worked.

  6. yeah i agree with mark_68 he is telling the truth do the same thing as he says
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