Core i7 temp issues?

I am new to the forum. I have been reading through the threads and thought that someone might be able to help out with a problem I am having on my first build.
All of the installation seems to have gone fine. But when I enter Bios the temperature readings of my core i7 920 fluctuates from 51-57C.
I tried reseating it and even reapplying thermal paste to it(only a thin layer) but it has made no difference.
I also cannot get into the set up menu to install Windows 7. It loads but then stops once it gets to the screen where the options should start. It just leaves the Windows 7 background (blue color with doves and stuff).
Could this be because of the CPU temp? I know that it is not the disk b/c I installed it on a much older computer not long ago.
Any ideas would be great. Thanks so much.
Specs: Core i7 920, Asus P6T, Corsair TX750W psu, OCZ DDR3 6GB Ram(2gbx3), Western Digital I terabyte hd, Sony dvd-rw
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  1. i have core i7 920, have no problems, works fine and sweet. not sure about your problem, maybe just check how your graphics card is working? maybe from that
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