Cpu to cpu data transfer

Would like to know the best way to transfer data and programs from old xp cpu to new Windows 7 cpu.

Thanks, Kelley
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  1. CPU's don't store programs...If you mean your hard drive then simple. Take your XP hard drive and connect it to your windows 7 computer/motherboard and transfer the data over.
  2. Thank you. I am a lady and don't know much about the process. What would be the procedure to accomplish this. Want to buy a new tower, but have a lot of stuff on 7 year old tower! Thanks again!!
  3. That's good checked it out. How about programs?
  4. Programs will have to be reinstalled.

    You might want to download and run the windows-7 upgrade advisor.

    Pay attention to any software incompatibilities.
  5. good call Geof!
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