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K9N2 Diamond

I have a K9N2 Diamond and in the manual it says the ram 1.8v BUT it just so happens the only 2gig sticks that fit this category of 1066 and 1.8v is crucial, which I've been buying and had 2 out of 4 sticks bad, and skill, which if you look at the reviews its a joke. Any suggestions on ram would be nice please.

Black edition Phenom II Quadcore w/Corsair H50 liquid cooler
MB:MSI K9N2 Diamond
GPU:Nvidia geforce fermi 480 sc
Ram:Crucial x2 2gb sticks 1066MHZ (4 gigs)
Case:Coolermaster H-vac fullsize
Powersupply:Kingwin 800watt modular
OS:Windows 7 64bit home basic
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  1. That board will support more than 1.8 volts for ram.
  2. Can you elaborate for me please? I know I looked at the bios and clocked the ram down from 1.9 to be safe..........could that be the reason some of the other ram isn't posting?
  3. The original DDR2 spec had voltage at 1.8 but its not uncommon to see it higher both in performance ram and at speeds above 800. Thats a pretty good board, so you should have no problem.

    I can't say I entirely understood your problem though. You said you had 2 bad sticks out of 4? Can you describe in detail what you used, how you used it, and what the results were? It looks like your running 4 gb 1066 right now. What are you trying to upgrade to?
  4. I bought 4x2gb crucial 1.8v 1066 ddr2 from newegg and was getting crash dumps out the butt. I pulled one out and the board seemed to work fine. I installed water cooling on the cpu 2 days ago and decided to do the memory diagnostic with each stick installed individually. 2 of them would not by themselves boot windows or post even. a 3rd still had problems and would boot/post and also seems to work ok with the one good one that passed diagnostics. I was looking at the reviews on this ram and I find them below par but no where near as bad as the skill brand that matched crucial's specs for this ram. I just a minute ago checked MSI's site and looked at the manual hoping it was updated with something you've mentioned but it still says 1.8v and doesn't mention anything higher or lower.
  5. Trust me. OCers do it all the time. And you have a good board. If it was some $50 ECS thing I might flinch. but it should handle 1.9 or 2.0 without breaking a sweat.

    However, the Phenom has a 1 dimm per channel limit anyways. You cant run 4 1066 chips. At least not at 1066.
  6. huh? 1 dimm?? really? So your saying I can't run 8gigs of ram in my rig at all??? please please elaborate on that one. I don't think the guy at AMD told me that when i was talking to him, he wasn't sales either just a techy and seemed very knowledgeable. I don't even remember that even coming up in conversation.
  7. The board supports AM3 and phenom II is or was AMD's latest accomplishment. The only thing i was aware of is that without DDR3 ram I would not get the use of the L3 cache that my cpu supports.
  8. Thats not true. Ram choice has no impact on L3 cache. DDR3 is about 5% faster on the phenom than DDR2, but thats not related to the cache.

    The AM3 chips work in AM2 boards because the Memory controller in the AM3 cpu's will work with either DDR2 or DDR3. Other than that, their function is identical.

    I took a look at your boards manual just to be sure. And the 1.8 volts it listed is just the standard DDR2 1.8 volt spec. As long as the Ram can handle the voltage, the board should be fine. It turns red in the bios because the voltage can damage some ram chips are spec'd for the standard 1.8 volts.

    Remember that the one dimm per channel rule only applies to 1066 speed. 4 will run fine at 800.
  9. hmm. well thanks for the enlightenment. So should I buy:
    a. 4 sticks of 2g at 800
    b. 4 sticks of 2g at 1066
    c. 4 sticks of 1g at 800
    d. 4 sticks of 1g at 1066
    e. none of the above lol.
  10. and if you can try to help me understand even a little better please.
  11. The 800's would all be fine. But you can only use 2 stick of 1066 at a time regardless of size. This is because the phenom memory controller only supports 1 1066 dimm per channel. And your board has 2 memory channels.

    If you have two sticks running in dual channel configuration, then you are running 1 dimm per channel. More than that at 1066 is too much for the memory controller and it should default to 800 at that point. You cannot do 2 1066 chips in single channel because both chips would be operating on the same channel and exceed the 1 dimm limit.
  12. i think that cleared it up for me thank you. I have a somewhat fun request of you if i may. You wouldn't go to newegg or tiger really quick and select the best performing ram for me to buy for my beast of a system. maybe a couple of suggestions, you can link them on here if you like.
  13. if only one of mine is still good then all i need to do is buy another and also i wanted to know which slots they should go in? I have 2green and to the right of that are 2 orange. After reding the manual I wasn't sure.
  14. Almost forgot, how much memory do you want?
  15. Its not really my area of expertise, since I don't get too deep into performance ram. but I can make a few suggestions. I might not be able to post it till tomorrow as its close to bedtime here.

    You might want to throw up a thread asking that very question. I'm sure there are a few people here who have a great deal of experience with high end DDR2.
  16. what ever would put my board and cpu to their max potential.
  17. What about budget?
  18. and yes thats a good idea i could post something in the ram section
    for suggestions
  19. bugget.......maybe250 tops give er take 20
  20. If I understood you correctly, you currently are running 4 GB's of 1066 stable. If thats the case, I would just stick with that for now. You will only get a small improvement in performance, maybe 5%.

    I'm sure you could use that money in a way that would give you much better return. Right now, as I look at what is available, 4 GB's of anything would be at least $100. 8 would be at least 150. Thats a lot of dough for 5% increase.

    Like I said though, you might want to gather some other opinions on the topic. But that's what I would do.
  21. What processor are you using right now?
  22. If I did buy ram, I would probably go for volume over speed since there are no 1066 modules larger than 2 gb, you would be limited to 4gb. So I would go with 8 gb of DDR2 800.

    IF i did buy. If your 1066 / 4GB is working well, I would hold on to that.
  23. that sounds like a plan thanks for the suggestion and i appreciate your schooling.
  24. You welcome. Glad I could help.
  25. I have reconsidered a bit after reflecting on the "what if i did buy ram" question. IF I went for more RAM I would go with 2 sets of this:

    Its 1066 but I was thinking about it for while. Some people have been able to get 1066 to work. Might as well go with it. You can always run it at 800 if your unsuccessful.
  26. after reading a few of the reviews i agree.
  27. Best answer
    Get this

    Mushkin Enhanced Blackline 4GB (2 x 2GB) $119.99

    Game, be happy. You will have to set the timings and voltages manually. I have the same RAM and it's stable at 1.9v.
  28. That also sounds like a good kit
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