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Okay, I really need help picking a 790X or another AMD chipset without intergrated graphics. I am having to RMA another mother board from new egg and I rather frustrated that I had four bad SATA ports and the the two that assume were good I could not get windows 7 to install on a windows 7 ready board. The board in question is an ASUS 790X, SB750 board. There is only one of them that fits that description so its easy to find. Anyways this is more of a cry baby whine than anything. I am just really really frustrated now that its going to be another two weeks without my computer.
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  1. When I hear of multiple RMA's on the same part, I cant help but wonder about user error. Electrostatic discharge issues for example. Are you taking proper care to minimized the risk to the parts? I don't know, maybe you are. Bad luck happens too.
  2. They were different motherboards and the MSI was RMAd because of bad sensors and the USB port died in the middle of web surfing. The ASUS just had bad sata ports.
  3. Why not try the GIGABYTE GA-790XTA-UD4? Based on the 790X chipset, it also comes with SATA III and USB 3.0.
  4. We could have some user error, but lets be honest, its a fifty fifty chance.
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