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Thank you all for your advice RE:
I have found a nifty little machine for not much more than I was going to spend upgrading my (older extinct) dinosaur.

Here are the specs: (newer extinct) dinosaur
Intel NetVista 8307 81U
Pentium 4 2.66GHz
Windows XP Pro
533 MHz bus
845G chipset
Intel Extreme Graphics
AGP 32-bit 4x (1.5v) slot
185w power supply

Now for my question. The Extreme Graphics Controller for the integrated video allocates system memory for the video system. Upon research, I have dug up that the most the controller will allocate (with updated driver) is 64MB. Would I see much video performance increase by purchasing a 64MB AGP 4x (1.5v) GeForce or nVidia video card? The cost would be about $5-10 for the card for an entry-level model. Also, if the card would be beneficial, would I need to upgrade the power supply also to compensate for the added load?

Thanks. Y'all are a wonderful resource.
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  1. you would see a substantial increase in performance from even the lowest end AGP card, simply because the CPU would be able to use all of the memory bandwidth instead of half.

    Intel Integrated graphics suck for 3 reasons:
    1. it uses memory bandwidth that would normally be used for the CPU
    2. they are 4-5 generations behind in design
    3. Intel's drivers suck and almost never get updated or fixed

    You're so much better off with an AGP card, it's not even funny.
  2. No.
    For an internet only machine you will see NO difference in performance.
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    I personally think that if u want to use it for internet only then it is good to get an agp video card because nowadays there are many website that use flash and as the system is quite old, the built-in vga card will obviously be a weaker intel built-in vga card. so once u have an agp card the processor will be free to process info other than graphics related. so it will be better to buy the vga card. hope i helped.
  4. I have cards with 128mb on them that I can't give away and you want to spend $10 on a 64mb?
  5. Going once...Going twice...SOLD!

    Thanks for the replies.
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