DDR3 1600 or 1333 for me?

I'm going to use the Asus Crosshair IV formula and I'm very curious to find which RAM is suitable for my needs. I find not much difference between these two and just to make sure i buy the correct one i need. So what would you recommend me?
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  1. The difference isn't much,mostly 1333MHz RAMs have lower timings than 1600 ones.
    Which specific models are you considering ?
  2. Well, I'd just get the 1333MHz kit if they have lower timings and is cheaper.
  3. You may find the following article (or the ones it links to) helpful: http://www.tomshardware.com/picturestory/511-memory-scaling-ddr3.html
  4. ddr3 1600 if you want the extra bandwidth, but ddr3 1333 shows *very-close* performance in real world applications. your choice, but most people go with ddr3 1600. you could always downclock it and tighten the timings of 1600 - 1333. and yes ddr3 1333 is cheaper.

    also note that higher cpu clock will give more of a performance boost in memory even when using lower bandwidth. you could shave off some $ from your memory and use it on a better cpu OR gpu which will have more of an effect on performance than your memory will.
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