Boadr says 800 mhz on mem but cpu is 1066...

but the website says
•Support Dual Channel DDR2 533/667/800/1066 MHz
•4 x DDR2 DIMM Memory Slot
•Max. Supports up to 16GB Memory
•※It is recommended to use those Validated DDR2-1066 modules suggested by AMD
"suggesred mem mods of only 1 kind of mem @ 2 gb"

current cpu is am2 4000+ 800 mhz fs
new cpu am2 9650+ 1066 fsb (not installed yet

can i run the 1066?
ddr2 or ddr3?

and can i run 2 x 2gb sticks? (max 16 = 4 x 4

i am honestly thinkng i can get away with ddr3 buuuttt
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  1. Well, DDR3 RAM won't fit in DDR2 slots, they aren't backwards compatible. As for FSB, AMD CPUs don't have FSB ratings unlike Intel's Pentium/Core 2 line AFAIK, although I might be wrong. The motherboard site says that you can run up to 1066MHz RAM, so I wouldn't see why not and run a 2x2GB kit. Just go for DDR2 800MHz I'd say.
  2. yes it is a 2 core and yes its right at the top of the phen1/800 ddr2 and bottom of the phen2/1066 ddr2-ddr3
    its not a bad board esp considering what i paid for it, but i figure with a quad 9650+ 1066 fsb cpu (allready bought and paid for)and if i can get 4 gigs of (ddr2/3 1066) to run it will hold its own for a yr o 2, i mean i put it thru its paces now and the only time it crapped out was when i had it tweaked to hi, i got stuck w/win7 ult 32bit (was supposed to be 64 buttt...and a 64 bit os would help

    why do you say "It will perfrom slower than your 4000+ in tasks that do not use more than 2 cores."???
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