Which power supply to get?

i have recently upgraded my pc to i5, and its time to purchase a new power supply. Do you guys have any recomendations on a good power supply for the price? (preferably a modular psu)
Here is my specs:

CM HAF 932
Intel i5-750
Asus Maximus III Formula
XFX Radeon HD4890
4G G.Skill Ripjaws
1TB Seagate Baracuda
Corsair H50

Thanks in advanced(
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  1. Hi, i think that with a good 550W PSU or more is enough for your system.

    Some options, choose one acording to your budget.

    1- Here

    2- Here, maybe for a future upgrade.

    I would get the TT Toughpower XT in the 2nd group, or the Toughpower in the 1st group. Both modular
  2. That Corsair 550VX is at a good price, I recommend that.
  3. My choice for a PC with a single video card is the Corsair 550VX.
  4. ^+2
    No doubt, Corsair 550VX.
  5. Edited for the 3rd time!!!

    The Corsair VX550 other posters have recommended is a high quality power supply that would be appropriate for your system. The problem is you requested a modular psu. Corsair did have the HX 520 modular watt power supply but it is no longer available.
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