(Stock) 2600K+GTX 590 Watercooling loop in Corsair 600T

So I was playing Battlefield 3 and noticed that my GTX 590 gets quite loud and hot. I want to water cool my CPU and graphics card in my white Corsair 600T WITHOUT MODDING THE CASE. The parts I buy will need to be from: http://www.pccasegear.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=207_160
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  1. I don't know about what parts to suit your setup
    But the guys at PC case gear are great, they supplied all the parts to my watercooling setup. Don't be afraid to ask them to get parts they don't have. They didn't have the Rampage4 extreme waterblock till I asked them if they could get it.
  2. kitsunestarwind said:
    I don't know about what parts to suit your setup
    But the guys at PC case gear are great, they supplied all the parts to my watercooling setup. Don't be afraid to ask them to get parts they don't have. They didn't have the Rampage4 extreme waterblock till I asked them if they could get it.

    Thats great, but i dont know if they would be able to design me a full water cooling loop.
  3. watercooling loops aren't deisgned by anyone but yourself as you have a better idea of what targets to achieve like:
    1| OC'ing goals and headroom
    2| noisy/silent setup
    3| internal or external setup with raddage
    4| and it goes on and on... but to begin with 1 st three points are good.

    read the watercooling sticky to understand what sort of targets you want to set - then scour the net for parts that fit your budget and taste.

    if you also snoop around the forums to see other people with liquid cooling pre assembled in their machine - they were disappointed by the amount the spent and what they got.

    hope this helps.
  4. By design i mean recommend parts not build it for me
  5. I have some ideas on what i would like to do. XSPC rasa rs240 kit, 200mm radiator, gtx 590 wb, compression fittings and white tubing. Any thoughts on that ?
  6. You are going to need more than that RS240 radiator for a GTX 590 and 2600K (assuming you got the K-series to overclock later...even though it should be minor when > 4.5ghz).

    I'd say either the Rasa RX360 or the Raystorm EX360 and GPU block in either instance. What manufacturer of 590 do you have? We've seen some 580's lately without the IHS over the GPU, but I suspect that 590's might not have this issue. Either way, just worth a check if you are going to drop that kind of money on a 590 block. I'd also check to ensure it's a reference card; you should see a white nVidia logo down by the PCI-e connector if it is.
  7. The graphics card is a Gainward Reference 590, an RX Radiator will not fit in my 600T, I can move the HDD Cage to give me 160mm in the front to mount a thick 200mm radiator and push/pull fans. What do you think ?
  8. You realize the TDP of a 590 is around 365 watts, right? And your 2600k is another 95 watts at stock. (Both theoretical when running 100% load)
  9. This means that ?
  10. xspc raystorm kit on frozen and then add some more raddage and blocks as the pump is good.

    thank you for clearing the misunderstanding.

    This means that ?
    if you've read the watercooling sticky you'll know that that rad won't dissipate the tdp of your hardware...duh.

    * another hit+run scene.
  11. Sorry, I should have read that, im no professional but ( forget everything you know ) a rs 240 is bigger then the intel stock cooler and the gtx 590's cooler combined and with bigger fans dosent that mean it would be able to cool them at stock?
  12. Willasap43 said:
    This means that ?

    You'll want to calculate your total loop TDP and then choose components that will suit your heat load needs.

    You are looking at the neighborhood of 450 watts total in that loop (with CPU+GPU). Most average 360 rads will dissipate 500-600 watts or so with 1500 rpm fans, so this would be a good place to start, or something similar, like a 240+120. Even some good 240 rads will reach this, like the XPSC RX and EX series, Magicool's thick 240 as well as others.
  13. @ willasap43 - we'd want to help you get your feet wet the right way so you enjoy the hobby like nature of a watercooling setup apart from performance, aesthetics and silence.

    Thicks rads - those that are designed well can dissipate heat well. those that are thin and advertise the high heat dissipation means they'll need high rpm fans which are like leafblowers quiet frankly :P

    the XSPC raystorm extreme 360 kit and a block for your 590 will be good to start with and if the bug bites harder, you can expand on it.


    * you'll get the necessary mounting hardware for mounting the rad on the back of your case to hang off - well this is the non-modding route at least.
    ** modding - you could squeeze a 360 on the top or rest it off the fan mounts above the case.

    hope this helps.
  14. Quote:
    high rpm fans which are like leafblowers quiet frankly

    This is why my 3000 rpm Scythe Ultra Kaze's are on a fan controller. I can make them as loud or quiet as I want.
  15. :whistle: i forgot the fan controller in that equation...was also looking at a PWM controlled setup via this

    having the fans run off the cpu header would be a nicer approach/cheaper too but would end up being loud when under load :/
  16. You could do that, but I'd rather have them on a controller...even if it's a cheap one. I'm not a fan (pun intended) of having fans run off a MB header unless it's a monitoring header and they are actually being powered by a molex splitter and the MB running speedfan. However, you'd also need to determine what value to raise/lower fan speed; likely CPU temp.
  17. all taken care of via an asus mobo cpu header :D
  18. I would rater not hang a radiator of the back of my case, it would be highly inconvenient because my case is on my desk and there is barely enough room. How do i upload pictures ?
  19. 600T Has an inbuilt fan controller
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    This is preferred rather than continually adding additional posts.
  21. Sorry, im just rushing around getting ready for school didnt notice what i was doing. :(
  22. No worries, just wanted to make you aware it was possible so you could edit your posts to add or update info if you needed to do so.
  23. So do you think the rasa rs240 kit and a 200mm radiator would be enough ?
  24. Yes.
  25. Great
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