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hello,what is the best free benchmarking tool ? i also am thinking about running sli is it worth it ?my rig.....m3n72-d.....phenom 11 940 3.6 ghz.....4gigs of ocz platnum 8500 ......wd black 500.....gtx 260.....ultra 750 1 rail......thermaltake v9 black
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    You can run 3DMark Vantage for one test free. Depending on what games you have, there are benchmark tools in them... example Crysis' benchmark.
  2. Thank you . yes have war head and crysis . do you think i should go sli . add another gtx 260 . get p14000 with one gtx260 on 3dmark vantage .
  3. I think it is worth running SLI. It is the best way to add performance gaming wise and cheaper than a new CPU / MOBO. I jumped up a good amount on FPS running SLI.
  4. thanks . yes gtx 260's are cheap as of now . im not going to upgrade to am3 until they come out with the six core cpu's also think im going to run a amd chipset . have been looking at the corsair 111 from asus . wish you could run sli or crossfire like on all intel boards .
  5. 260's in SLI won the category in this article:,2464-6.html

    Was 3 way tie with 260, 4870 and 5770 ....5770 didn't score as well performance wise but got extra points for efficiency and DX11
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