Blank dvd in dvdrw xp shows as cd with 0 free space-WHY!?


I know this is big problem and I have scoured and I'm sure the answer is out there. Why is my dvdrw showing as a cd drive when i insert a blank dvd which in turn shows up as having 0 free space? I thought thisissue had been solved on this site but i cannot see the answer.
Thanks to anyone who help me, I'm going doolally
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  1. I should add that I have deleted the upper and lower filters and a couple of other things that have been suggested but to no avail.
  2. Windows XP does not natively support DVD/RW discs. You need a 3rd party application like Nero.
  3. Hi Jim. Thanks for the swift reply. I thought that was the case but according to Microsoft this issue was resolved, stated here Is this not the case?
    Had multiple problems with Vista over the years so reinstalled XP forgetting how antiquated it is.
    Think I'm going to get windows 7 (take it that works!?), Nero and Roxio just don't appeal to me. Thanks again.
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