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Hi, first let me thank everyone here on Tom's for the valuable information that they've lent already. Over the weekend I received a few parts for my upcoming upgrade to a full custom loop. I opted to go with the XSPC Raystorm based on PureOC's review, the price and the fact that it comes with 2 blue led's which go with my current theme nicely.

I also got the Koolance RP-452X2 ver. 2 reservoir and 2 Laing D5 pumps

And of course I have Danger Den water blocks

I am currently using a Corsair H100 and my cpu and gpu temperature while not bad, have room for improvement I feel.

I didn't put any load on the gpu but you can see what the idle temps are like. They are 10 degrees higher because of the dual monitors.

My plans now are to do a single loop using XSPC RX360 and XSPC RX120 radiators. But I haven't ruled out using a 140mm fan on the back of the case or on the bottom I have decided on the fans but I'm leaning towards the Yate Loons and I'd like to use compression fitting but I still need figure out how many I'll need.
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  1. I'm thinking about watercooling and it seems you have a nice little set up there. But could we have a part list of all the things you have purchased for example. (It would help me out and I'm sure others out to have a point)
  2. I'm in the process of building a custom loop I'd like to ust the EK FC Bridge Dual Parallel - 3-Slot - SLI Connection

    I am using the Asus p8Z68-V Pro motherboard. My GPU's sit in the slots pictured.

    The question is which bridge do I need, the dual or the triple ?

    I'm using a TFC X-Changer 360 inside the top of the case with 3 Yate Loon 120mm UV Blue LED Fans, High Speed (D12SH-12) in Pull config. and I'm hanging a 140mm Black Ice GTX inside the back of the case with 1 Yate Loon 140mm Blue LED Fans, Medium Speed 1400 RPM (D14SM-124B) venting out .

    I don't know if it's been done but I'd like to mount Yate Loon 140mm fan + Bitspower Low Profile 140mm To 120mm Fan Adapter
    Then mount a 120mm rad to the adapter and another 120mm fan to the Rad in a push/ pull
    configuration in the bottom compartment of the Corsair 800d.

    And I'm using the Scythe Kaze Master Pro 5.25 to controll all of the fans

    Any advice with be greatly appreciated.
  3. At work so fast answer, two compression fittings/barbs per block.
    Resses may have multiple ports but should come with G1/4 plugs to blank off unused ports
  4. My latest development is that I decided not to use Yate Loon fans in a horizontal position because of them having sleeve bearing. I opted for 3 Scythe S-Flex SFF21G fans to use instead. I went looking for these because of their "Fluid Dynamic Bearing" technology from SONY Corporation and their rated 150,000 hour life cycle and the fact that you can re-lubricate the fans via a port under the sticker.


    My search for compression fittings has become quagmired by too many options. Straight fittings, 30, 45, 60 and 90 degree fittings, what to get and where to use it. But fittings, tubing, silver kill Coil and maybe a flow meter is all that left to get. I plan on using distilled water, UV tubing and a biocide along with the silver coil.

    IandH Dead-Water Copper Sulfate Biocidal PC Coolant Additive

    IandH Silver KillCoils - Antimicrobial .999 Fine Silver Tubing / Reservoir Strip

    What do you guys use to keep algae out of your loop?
  5. Lose the biocide if you're using the Ek bridge,
    Personally I use two killcoils and two Uv cathodes in the T-Virus resses, no biocides or anything
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