Best Graphics card for P4 2.40GHz?

What would be the best AGP graphics card with following system without being overkill?

Abit VT7
P4 2.40GHz (Northwood)
4x256MB DDR
Samsung 160GB P1614N
450W Rhycom (15 amps on 12V rail)
Windows XP Home Edition
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  1. What game are you trying to play? has AGP Geforce 7300gt or Radeon 3850 that would help you a lot. You really need a better cpu though for most games now.
  2. HD4670 might be overkill for a P4
  3. I'm building a system to my sister, it should run Sims 3. What I'm worrying about is amperage, since the psu only has 15 amps / 12v rail.
  4. 2.4 P4 is the minimum spec cpu for Sims3, according to Can You Run It website , so it will run. Any gpu on this link will work, just pick depending on the money you want to spend.
  5. Just pick depending on the money you want to spend? That's pretty bad advice as there's lots of bad overpriced cards. Considering I wouldn't trust his PSU with an HD3850 there's basically 2 options; an HD4650 or HD4670. The 7300gt that you mentioned earlier is several times worse than any of these cards.
  6. Would HD3650 work? There's one on Ebay ending soon.
  7. Finding AGP cards is getting difficult, not a ton of options, but yes the 7300gt is a weak card compared to the others.

    You can use this performance chart to help rank the cards,,1374.html
  8. Seems like HD 4650 would be my best option. Thanks for advice!
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