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hi everybody, im going to explain my problem straight away:

I've got 4 HDD (WD Caviar Green 2TB) in my desktop pc and a few days ago ive lost one of those full of data.
I dont wanna risk losing data again (due to electricity problems) so i was wondering if there was a good solution. I googled a bit and i found HDD External Box that can connect more HDD at the same time.
I want you to suggest one of those that can support up to 4 HDDs 3,5" with USB 3.0 interface.

Im from italy and Id like to buy it via ebay if possible so if u can link or suggest smth that u can find on ebay that ships from EU would be much better : D

thx 4 reading and helping me : )
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  1. you want someone to search FOR you on ebay...? seems a bit weird. However, im going to assume you wanted some advice on products

    something like this would suit you perfectly.

    However, USB3.0 will jack the price up, as will having 4 drives in one box configuration.

    unless your PC or router (whichever you are connecting the drives to) has usb3.0 also, i'd say dont bother with this feature, as it'll run at the slowest speed (aka usb2.0 on your computer)

    Something you need to look at is whether you want RAID capability (and if so, what kind of RAID) as that will influence the price alot. Google this subject if you dont know what RAID does.

    If you are trying to do it cheap and have no need for RAID, i dont see why you would need a single enclosure (other than for simplicity), and i would just have 4 drives like you have currently. Though i suppose you could go 4 drives externally, but it'll be slower (USB versus SATA is big difference)

    be aware that just moving to external does nothing for the reliability of your drives. if you lost one, then ity sounds like you want RAID, or you want to be buying more reliable drive (WD is poretty good though)
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