Is the 9800GT a good card?

The nVidia 9800GT is in my budget and should be way better than my 9400GT. The question is, can I expect something great out of this card? Is it powerful enough?
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  1. Where do you intend to buy the card. The GTS 250,4770, and 4850 are usually around the same price as the 9800GT. This is the order of their performance 9800GT<GTS250<HD4770<HD4850.

    THe only question would be whether your power supply is enough to hand the cards. Could you post your system specs, specifically your PSU. Also, what sites are you looking to buy from?
  2. It's worlds better than the 9400gt but then that's not saying much really. How good it is depends on what resolution you use. It should be excellent for low resolutions.
  3. I would go ahead and upgrade if you already got a good psu. Even at low res a 9800gt can be hard pressed at high to max settings.
  4. Good when it was released... I'd never buy one today.
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