CM Storm Scout window mod

so as you will see in the pictures i moved my side window form the inside to the outside and offset it with some spacers, i really like the way it turned out, but i think i am going to replace the window with a translucent red piece



front shot...

my awesome new desk...

and my not so pretty inside lol...
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  1. You need to reduce the resolution of your photos. Some of us in the rest of the world do not have what people in the U.S. call high speed broadband.
  2. Nice gaming desk. I saw it over at my local Fry's Electronics store. Fry's displayed the desk with a pc system, 3 monitors, joystick, and other stuff running a flight simulation.
  3. ^+1
    Yup, it take a long time to get your pic showed up... :)
  4. sorry but the pics are showing up small to me i'll try and redo them when i have time later
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