GA-H55M-UD2H D.O.A. ?

Hello, I just received my new HTPC getup which consist of the following.

Motherboard GA-H55M-d2H
Intel i5-750

I am planning to use the on-board graphics, nowhere in the user's manual did I find a mention of some kind of jumper or sticker that needs removal for use of the function. However, when booting up with absolutely nothing plugged aside from the Motherboard's both power cords, CPU/ CPU fan and the memory sticks, I'm hearing the long beep followed by two short ones. It refers to graphical error according to the Manual. I'm not getting any video signal either according to both my old monitor (D-SUB), and HD TV (HDMI). Both were used on separate occasions by the way, I'm fairly sure plugging both at once won't do any good in this situation.

So I picked up my old 9800GTX+ Asus card and put it in. Thankfully I'm temporary running on my old Power Supply, if I remember correctly it's a normal 500w Thermaltake I paid about 100$ almost 2 years ago. I'm still waiting on a new HTPC case and power supply, 'm currently installed on an old normal ATX case.

Power ON, CPU fan starts running then everything shuts down, it powers up again on its own and I'm able to get into the BIOS. Memory settings are detected perfectly, same with the CPU, so I loaded the fail-safe settings and unplugged the card. I figured the auto-shut down and restart was normal behavior since the same happened when unplugging the latter. It partially confirmed my suspicions that he on-board graphics were malfunctioning since I was back to square one without video signal and beeps pointing to : (ref gigabytes' user's manual) : Graphical or Monitor error. The TV is the same one that was used by the old HTPC, and the monitor is working as we speak on my laptop.

By the way, I cannot use the video card because it is being used by another computer and honestly speaking I have no need for a malfunctioning motherboard (if that's the case) and would rather use the on-board graphic feature of the motherboard/cpu.

Any ideas of what I'm forgetting or doing wrong in getting the on-board graphics working? Thanks in advance.
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  1. I'm really sorry to be the one to tell you this, but neither the 750, nor 750S have on-board graphics processors; you need a 650, 660, 661, or 670 for this to work...
  2. Thanks for the quick reply, now I need to go hang myself to forget my lack of attention when buying new pieces.
  3. (or an i3)
    If it's any consolation, troll through the forum and you'll see you aren't the first to make this mistake.
  4. On the i5-750 retail box it does indicate that a graphics card is required and no, there isn't one on the Gigabyte motherboard.
  5. bilbat said:

    well i have to say they goofed the naming convention a lot

    this would have been better
    Pentium: dual core, HT, no Turbo Boost, IGP
    i3: dual core, HT,Turbo Boost, IGP
    i5: quad core, no HT, Turbo Boost, no IGP
    i7: quad core, HT, Turbo Boost, no IGP
  6. Ahh - but - that would make too much sense!
  7. bilbat said:
    Ahh - but - that would make too much sense!

    i know, and its too late to change it now or else everyone would be doubly confused
  8. Quote:
    else everyone would be doubly confused

    Does it count that I'm confused enough for two people? [:fixitbil:9]
  9. that makes up for my lack of confusion
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