Overclocking my i7 3820 with gskill 2133

hey wats up guys i gotta rig and ek cooling i jus put in and i wasnt able to clock higher than 4.75ghz on m,y ud3,i was wondering it's either my board,cpu or ram,well since i got 1600mhz ram and at 4.75 the i7 3820 bus speed rises to 2000,so i way overclocked my ram to but it's all solid stable and i just wanna break the 5ghz,so i bnought new ram gskill z 2133 for like 130cheap so i hope to attain my 5ghz clock,what u guys think am i on the right track id thinks so right techs theory... i found gskill ram seems to be da *** compared to kingston that u can bearly overclock 100mhz over it's dewfault speeds
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  1. Please use proper English when asking for help...

    Looks like you are on track though
  2. no really memory is ram i dont believe uexplain it to me boooohahaha
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