Western Digital (WD) Caviar BLUE WD5000AAKX 500GB SATA 6GB/s 16MB Cach

i have the HDD mentioned above as a primary disk and i've the gigabyte GA Z68A D3 B3 i've connected the HDD to the sata III slot in the mobo with a sata II cable and my win 7 64bit data transfer rate score is 5.9 and when i try to transfer any date the speed is too low 5 mbps minimum and 27 mbps maximum and the speed rarely reach the maximum i need help please :)
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  1. what are you transfering? reading data and writing back to the same hard drive is going to be slow. It has to read, buffer into memory, then move the heads to where it writes. You will get faster speeds transferring between 2 separate drives.
  2. not really when i try to copy iso file or rar files from my hard to a flash drive disasters happen the speed won't be faster than 9 mbps
  3. your usb 2 flash drive is bottleneck....

    what model is the it ?
  4. Kingston 16GB 100G2
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