5750 enough for 1360x768?

Hi guys!
It's my first post, but i have been reading the forum for a time.

I want to know if a 5750 would work fine on my system for 1360x768 gaming.

Actually i own :

Asus m2n-e sli
Athlon X2 4800+
2GB OCZ DDR2 @ 800
MSI HD2600 PRO () :??:
PSU Mustiff 550w (Kinda Generic?)

The most that worries me is the CPU (bottleneck maybe?) and the PSU.

I don't play a lot, but like games like Crysis, Prince of Persia

Or will something cheaper do the job?
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  1. Not familiar with the psu, but your cpu is a limitation for that card, but should be good to go
    I wouldnt go cheaper, as you may end up getting some milage out of that DX11 card in DX11 games at that res
  2. i would get the 5770 for future games possibly needing more gpu power, the extra $30 is probably worth it
  3. Agreed with the above posts. The 5770 is a good match, even with a little cpu limitations.
  4. Thanks for your replies.
    I guess i'll look forward for 5770. I hope the psu could do the job.
  5. friendly advise. you dont want to use that psu on a 5750. i have a feeling that if you do you'd go back here with a new but differently themed thread: "help BSOD, artifact, blah".

    as far as generic PSU's are concerned most of them comes with less than 20amps on the 12v rails regardless whether that sticker says 550w.

    if i were you since im gaming at a lower resolution, i'll stick with the 5750 and buy the cheapest ocz/corsair/silverstone psu that is rated 400w or higher.
  6. oh and btw, the jump from a 2600pro to a 5700 series card would probably blow your socks off.
  7. :o


    thanks for the advice.

    then now talking about psu's ...

    what you think about this? Unfortunely i can't claim the rebate and can buy only at amazon for now


    or maybe

  8. i'd get the 700watter if i were you. plus, it has 2 pci-e connector.
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