Graphics card noise problem

I have a GeForce 8400gs but it keeps making a lot of noise. Now I know is the fan but it is quite loud and makes a noise when I don't want it to.

I have tried everything from, cleaning to lubricating it but it still comes back. My question is, will this graphics card work ok without the fan? I want to disconnect it and just use the heatsink on the card. Will my GC burn out without the fan?

Thanks :)
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  1. i REALLY don't recommend taking out the fan...
    now, you can turn the fan down... using software and see if the card gets to hot.
    I believe the 8 series shouldn't get above 90 degrees Celsius. So you can try lowering it.
    Also 'noise' is kinda vague. Some noise can be caused by other fans in your PC creating ripples of pressure around your fan. Adjusting those can help reduce noise
  2. Thanks for the reply. It's a bit hard to describe the noise without hearing it. It's not normal fan noise and it's definitely not any other PC fans.

    It's sounds like bearings going in the fan or something. They are only small fans. I know I could buy another fan but it wouldn't be very economical.

    If I take the cover off my PC, it still does it. I have to touch the fan to get it to stop making that noise.

    It will make the noise when I first boot my PC and sometimes when I am doing video editing and things.

    I can't see why these graphics cards can't work without a fan. I have and old AGP radeon 9200se and that has no fan. It runs fine without one, so why not this card?

    It looks like the heatsink and fan on this.
  3. so the fan makes a noise @ its highest speeds...
    try using something like ATI Tool or EVGA Precision to decrease fan speed. SiSoftware Sandra can read temps of your GPU and ect. so you can check on how hot it gets

    Some fans w/ lower clock speeds and relatively more economical designs don't need fans. But others do. If your card came w/ a fan, chances are, its for a reason. If you want, you can try replacing the fan w/ a different one, a water or peltier cooler, ect.
    But w/o the necc. cooling the card will start to have more and more errors, and it will become unstable @ best.
  4. The bearings in the fan are probably bad. You can always contact the manufacturer if it is still under warranty and get a replacement. Not much you can really do. If it's out of warranty you can try and get a new cooler but for the lower end cards its not worth it alot of time.
  5. Arges86 just downloaded EVGA Tool and the option to control fan speed is not lit up. So you can't change GPU fan speed.

    I Don't think you can change the fan speed on the 8400GS anyway.

    I have SpeedFan and it shows GPU temp from about 46c to 51c but no option to change fan speed. I think this GC just has a rubbish heatsink and fan. A Poor design.
  6. Take the fan and cover off and use cable ties to attach a suitably sized and quiet case fan.
  7. that would work provided you get enough air flow to keep it cool
  8. i did what Coozie did on an older mod, took off the casing and added a pair of 120mm fans with a small bracket from a mechano (little metal bits) set

    then just routed the fans into a motherboard header (or you can use the GPU's header if you know it has the wattage)
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