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I've built a new computer (Win 7, i7-920) and the video card is the Asus 5770. However I think that that 5770 isn't working properly. The reason for my belief that the cause of the problem is the 5770 is that it was that last part to arrive and I borrowed an ATI 4550 for the week it was in transit, and did not have a problem during this time.

Once I installed the 5770 however, the computer started to act up (I've since reinstalled Win 7 in case there was a conflict with the orginal card). What happens is that the computer screen will suddenly distort. The screen reminds me of "getting snow flakes" on old TV, except that the pixes retain some colour and it's more rectangular streaking left to right an some what downwards. The distorted screen is very smiliar (if not identical) each time, and it doesn't really matter which program I'm running. However it does seem to happen more often in games. After the distorting the computer reboots itself.

The other thing to note is that one time, I stopped receiving video output and had to change the output jack the monitor was plugged into in order to get the video back. However, I have switched jacks back and they are both working now.

My gut tells me that it's a hardware problem, but I'm concerned that it could be a conflict cause by Win 7 and a new card. I'm looking for advice on how to determine if it is a hard ware problem b4 I RMA the card.

However I'm hoping the solution is to adjust some software setting (and yes I have updated all drivers).

Thanks for your input.
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  1. Yea go get a refund/ exchange for your 5770. Or Get an even better card!
  2. 1. you didnt build that 920 with a sloppy PSU right?

    2. uninstalling-reinstalling the videocard drivers (whether they're from the same manufacturer) might help. google driver sweeper. (as oppose to just updating the drivers from the time you put in the 5770).

    3. happens to the best of us: bad card (RMA).
  3. He re-installed and installed them, he even re-installed his OS.

    Its just a bad card.. lol

    Simple answer.
  4. Thanks for the quick responses.

    The PSU is a 600w OCZ (600SXS), I don't think it should be an issue as I'm not currently OCing and the 5770 is suppost to be good on power.

    Glad to see, there isn't an other solution that jumps out at out. I will looking into the RMA process.
  5. Good to hear.

    Hopefully you have better luck next time!
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