Best DDR2 MB to go with phenom II X3 720 BE?

Hi guys,
I now have an Intel CPU but would like to upgrade to the 720 BE. This means I have to get a new MB too, but I'd like to use my DDR2 Ram still. I would like to get a board able to have 2 PCIe at 16x on crossfire if it's not to costly. I guess 16x+8x would be ok if I cant afford the better option.

Any and all input welcome!

PS: What else do I need to get if I want to get this CPU as OEM? Will getting a MB along with it suffice?
PPS: What do you think of this board?
Will this board and the 720 BE work with my DDR2 667 Ram?

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    Get the retail boxed version of the 720 for the included heatsink and 3 year warranty. That biostar board should work fine; one reviewer said it worked with his 667 ram.
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