RAID 1 install with windows 7 currently installed

hey all, I am trying to mirrior my 40gb OS install onto a second hdd. at first I had hoped I could do this within windows 7 but apparently you need pro or higher to get the mirror option. so, instead, I enabled my bios raid controller and set up an array between the two disks. on my next attempted boot, it froze after scanning my dvd drives for boot disks. I went back into the raid configurator and rebuilt the array, and windows 7 now booted.. but it still shows up as 2 seperate drives.

first question: should I have somehow mirrored the bootdisk onto the blank one before starting the raid array?
second question: with a raid 1 array, will windows show both drives, and did I do this correctly so far?

my machine is as follows:

winfast/foxconn nf4k8aa mobo
AMD Athlon 64 x2 3200+
2gb ddr ram
2 40gb IBM internal hdds
320gb seagate freeagent go external hdd
1tb seagate freeagent desk external hdd
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  1. You can't make a bootable RAID with the OS already installed. You need to create the RAID 1 array, then install the OS onto it. During the windows installation, you may need to install the RAID drivers.
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