Is Hyperthreading worth +$80?

Hey all. By necessity I have to go with 1156 platform. Bottom line for me between my cpu choices gives birth to the question: is hyperthreading worth an extra 80 bucks? Photo editing, games, web, web design, flash, etc....are my uses. Any thoughts before I hit up the nearest MicroCenter later this afternoon?
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  1. Probably not, but this article should help you decide:
  2. Thanks for the link. I've seen that one before but forgot about it and needed to see it again. For my current and perceived uses, bearing in mind that our time on the earth is short, I'm going for the gain (even if marginal), as I think I can swing it. 1366 just ends up being a little too much for me. My system is dying and without a PC I get bored :) so I've got to do it today with the funds I have available. And as I already have dual channel RAM for an Intel board, the added cost of a triple channel kit puts me over budget. If anyone can dissuade me otherwise, fire away. Core i5 750 or the favored i7 860? The countdown to purchase begins :)

    By the way, I plan to overclock this to the neighborhood of 3-3.2GHz with Turbo enabled. A third of the time I'm only surfing the web and listening to music. Its the other times when I'm multitasking to pull off some photo work (and all else with that) that I need the boost. I figure a little over clock to make it more "responsive" overall, with the turbo to suit differing situations, as needed. I like overclocking from a tech stand point, but also like the principle of "waste not want not" and stock voltages. Plus from all I've read Oc'ing can take its toll on a system and I'd like for this one to last 2 years. How;s my plan sound to all you out there? Please tell me if I need to make any corrections. I appreciate advice and even an affirmation if one is in order. Thanks.
  3. If you compare the i5-750 and the i7-950, you can see that hyperthreading usually isn't important. The i7-860 is faster because it runs at a higher frequency.

    What other components will you buy? How many hard disks or SSDs?
  4. Planning on using what I already have:

    Antec 300 painted gloss black inside with side window (managed to keep the air vent :)
    *Planned - eVGA FTW p55 - heard its a decent board and in a year might want to overclock higher. So, basically its got extra features for it from what I gather. I like the color scheme as well.
    OCZ DDR3 1600 - need to undervolt and use at whatever speed is stable until the 4th when I can get the right voltage MEM. - Planned G.Skill or recomended???
    4890 x 2 in crossfire
    ocz ssd 120gb boot disk
    1000w PS
    *Planned additional storage hdd(s). *All depends on my budget. I'm cash only :( ... :)

    Edit - With microcenter prices its only 50.00 more for the 860...?
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    With microcenter prices its only 50.00 more for the 860...?
    It's worth it (8 CPU graphs in Task Manager is nice).
  6. Thanks man. :) Done deal by me. I appreciate the replys. I tend to be a little hasty in my purchases and wanted to verify with a vet. ;)
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  8. Even better. I checked my math (which sucks) and its only 40 more. Woot!
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