Help me with my OC

All right guys well first off I wanted to thank the entire community for helping me put together my first gaming computer. It works great and really proud to have it going. Now to the topic at hand;

I`m running a

2500k i5 cpu
p8z68 asus motherboard
16gb 1600 ram
nvidia 570 gforce

I`ve downloaded all the monitoring programs and put the system on power boosting in uefi (bios) and right now im getting stability at 60*C with 42 frequency on a 103.03 Bus speed. The max voltage it used was 1.34V. Keep in mind everything is on auto to help me get an idea of where I should be. I`m trying to run 4.5 Ghz and 1600mhz ram. I was wondering if this can be done and what the best temperature for a stable/safe OC is. Also before I do this if someone can ok my steps that would be great.

1) Turn everything I need on manual
2) Set Bus Speed to 100 and frequency to 45
3) Set CPU Voltage to 1.45
4) Set Ram to 1600
5) Set Ram Voltage to 1.65

Thanks again for your past and continuing support.
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  1. Cooler...?
  2. o yeah the cm hyper 212
  3. Change ram voltage to 1.5v! If you have more than 1.5v you are killing your cpu!!!! Your cpu does not also need that much voltage, also read this guide:
  4. the ram voltage is at 1.5v right now so can I just set the ram freq to 1600 without increasing the voltage?
  5. There is no performance difference in common tasks between 1333mhz and 1600mhz.
  6. -Reset everything to default.
    -AHCI or IDE?
    -Change RAM voltage to 1.5v, RAM frequency to 1333Mhz.
    -Disable Intel TurboBoost
    -Set CPU multiplier to 45
    -Use Dynamic Vcore to adjust voltage until stable in Prime95

    I can get to 4.5Ghz with 1.34v with DVID +0.100v
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