CPU heatsink/fan setup questions

Hey everyone, first post here. I'm not really a overclocker, but I want to achieve a cooler computer. I usually see temps about 35c - 38c on normal day to day usage, browsing the internet and at times seeing temps of 42c - 44c when prolonged usage of youtube, etc.. I would like to achieve at least a 10c decrease. I'm using:

AMD Phantom II 960T Zosma 4core at 3ghz
Rosewill RCX-Z1 CPU Heatsink 3,100 RPM, 57cfm, with 33dBA

The only other computer fan I have right now is a 80mm (due to short cord on my 92mm fan), with unknown specs.. But I will be getting a Phantom 410 with 3 case fans preinstalled in a few days.

My question is:
A) Should I just upgrade the heatsink fan itself to something more powerful? like a vantec tornado for about $15? The noise level looks to be slightly higher, and that seems alright, but other people say its insane. I can tolerate my current cpu fan though. The cfm is over double my current cpu fan, I don't exactly want overkill but this seems to be the sweet spot between noise and cfm.

I'd also have to order another fan controller for $9 because my current fan controller can't handle the vantec fan at 12.5watts. The controller is only 10watts per channel sadly. The total price for this option would be about $23.47 which doesn't sound too shabby.

C) My other option is to upgrade my cpu heatsink itself, and get some delta fans and a controller?
I) What I've come up with would be $20 for cpu heatsink supporting 92mm fans, $15 for the vantec fan, and another $9 for a fan controller totaling $44
II) $35 heatsink, $30 delta fan, and $30 for a fan controller, totaling $95.
D) Is there a better option that I can't see? I really don't feel like going with water cooling. Slightly because I don't trust it and I feel like I can tolerate noise to performance ratio.

Sorry if its a little long winded, I just like explaining myself clearly. Thanks in advanced for any help.
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  1. To be honest, those temps are pretty good and you do not need to worry about them. Delta fans are LOUD. By loud I mean vacuum cleaner loud.
  2. Thanks for the reply, I agree with you they are good temps, but I miss my old temps of 30c before I upgraded. I want to make it almost a project to shave off 10c or at least 8c from the temps I listed before. I believe I'm going to try the vantec tornado fan and fan controller after I receive my Phantom.

    I know the delta fans are loud, but with the controller I can tone it down a little bit, but want to go with the cheaper option first..
  3. Max temps of a little over 40 C is pretty good.

    I saw the Vantec spec sheet. I have a difficult time believing that one fan pulls 1 amp, especially considering that the 4 fans (one 200 mm and three 120 mm) set on HIGH together pull a little less than 13 watts.
  4. This is the source I got my information from, too bad newegg doesn't have it there by default, I'm looking at the 92mm fan TD9238H.
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