I7-3930k + RivE + GTX 580 sli cooling

Hi, i'm looking for some help with cooling for a new build. Component details so far:

Case: coolermaster Cosmos 2
CPU: i7-3930k
Mobo: Rampage Iv Extreme
GPU: EVGA 1.5gb GTX580 x 2

I'm looking to seriously push this rig and see how far i can oc it, and would really appreciate some help with the right cooling solution to help me do that. This will only be my 3rd build to date, and I've not used a water cooling solution before, so will need some helpful suggestions in that area. Due to a new arrival in our house, i'm also having to relocate
to a much smaller room, so i'm looking for a solution that is as quiet as it can be without compromising the performance, and the ambient temp in that room will be higher.

Many thanks
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  1. Well... You will have to design and build a custom water loop for that.
  2. Apogee hd water block or raystorm, mcp655 pump, what ever radiators will fit your case, about 10 to 12 feet of 1/2 inch ID hose color of choice, reservoir of choice, but to push to 5ghz you will definatly need custom loops , my 3930 with 2x480 s runs at 55 to 63 c playing bf3@ 4.8 and video at 808.
  3. Keep in mind that today's cooling needs are not what us old timers are accustomed to:


    It's almost ironic that coolers like [Thermalright Silver Arrow] this are becoming available just as processors transition to designs that may ultimately render them unnecessary; even overclocked to 5GHz, an Intel Sandy Bridge 2600K doesn't need anywhere near this level of cooling.

    Have built numerous rigs to 5.0 GHz, twin cards in SLI, mostly 560's 580's, all on air.....

    Not saying that the 3930 presents the same cooling load as the 2600k just that CPU loads overall are no where near what they used to be and that electronic more than thermal limitations have been what puts the brakes on SB overclocking. What you needed for ya last two builds would need way way more thermal capacity than what you build today.

    As for the 580's, I don't know why they're on the table with the 680 rumored to drop any day now [rumored between Friday and April 12]
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