Best 120gb(or 128gb) SSD for gaming?

I am looking to buy a 120(128)gb ssd that will be used only for game storage(Steam, etc.) I currently have a 60gb Agility 2 that I am using as my OS boot drive which works great. There seem to be alot of bad reviews out there on most ssd's but it seems to usually involve when people are using them for their OS which I won't be.

So what do you guys consider to be the best SSD out there for gaming purposes? Price wise I am willing to spend the $200 or so they seem to go for but I of course would prefer it to be less.

Also, I'm curious, would I be better off buying 2 more Agility 2 60gbs and having the 3 work in raid? I've never done raid before.

Thanks for any suggestions/help!!

Asrock p67 Extreme4 Gen3
8gb G.Skill ddr3 1600
2 x XFX HD6950 in Xfire
60gb Agility 2 (boot drive)
500gb Spinpoint F3
HAF X case /w MK Silencer II 750w PSU
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    Me, I'd buy the 128 gig Curcial M4 and use it for OS + programs + most often used games. Switch the 60 Gig SSD to a "data" SSD and put less often used programs and games on it. M4 is quite good, and very vew have problem with it.

    Two cavets.
    ..Hopefully you will get a M4 with firmware ver 9, if not update it to 9 before instally windows (procedure is easy).
    .. Prior to Installing, down load the Intel RST driver Ver 10.6 and install after installing windows. There is a ver 10.6 "F6" iaSTor (intel's ahci) driver. Myself I'd put on thumbdrive and during installation, select custom install and the select have driver and use this instead of windows default ahci driver. (This step not required, just recommended)

    Screen shot of My M4 using AS SSD
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