SSD performance issue, or is it?

Hi I currently have 3 crucial c300 256gb all running the latest firmware 0007. I am using them in raid 0 using a highpoint rocket raid 640. The card is a 4 x pci device and its in a 16 x slot with full bandwith. My issue is with 3 of these ssd's im only getting 580mb/s?? they state 355mb each and im getting 580mb for all 3?

I used to run 1 off my mobo and got 300mb so i exspectin perhaps 800 - 900mb/s

What can the issue be?

my motherboard is an msi bigbang xpower if it helps and the raid card is 6gb/s

Any ideas people because im out
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  1. The Highpoint Rocket Raid 640 does fairly well with 2 solid state drives in a RAID array. It does not perform well when there are 3 or 4 ssd's in a RAID array. The 3rd and 4th ssd's seriously hamper the card's performance. It's well documented in technical reviews. :(
  2. With 2 ssds it got 400mb even that indicates something is wrong
  3. Sorry, but you wasted your money with that RAID card. The RocketRAID 640 uses the same Marvell 88SE9128 controller that's on your motherboard.

    The Marvell 9128 controller uses only 1 PCIe lane at 5Gb/s; that's why you have such poor performance.
  4. This is probably the minimum you would have to spend in order to get maximum performance from your 3 drives in RAID-0:
  5. ^5 +1 what Dereck47 said.

    The Controller on the 640 is not that good. An excellent high end, high tech, RAID card that kicks butt will cost a lot more than an ssd. I always tell individuals the really good cards start at about $1,500.00. The inexpensive card Dereck47 mentioned is okay but I would not recommend it.
  6. Noway i thought it was good! Gutted
    If im honest though theres noway in paying silly amounts on a raid card
  7. BTW - What do you do with your pc that requires three solid state drives in a RAID array?
  8. Create a RAID-0 array on your motherboard's SATA 2 (3Gb/s) ports and compare the performance to your RocketRAID.
  9. I dont understand what this will show? My raid card is sata 3?
  10. You might be surprised at the improvement in performance.

    Anyway, what do you do with your pc that requires 3 ssd's in a RAID array?
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    The maximum data transfer rate of a SATA 2 port is 3Gb/s (300MB/s).
    The maximum data transfer rate of a SATA 3 port is 6Gb/s (600MB/s).

    Therefore the theoretical maximum Read/Write speed of your 3 SSDs in RAID-0 on a SATA 2 port is 900MB/s.

    You stated that you were only getting up to 580MB/s with your RAID card.
    It’s possible you may get better performance using your motherboard ports and the latest Intel RST drivers.
  12. Dereck good point, if it turns out better ill be both pissed off and happy. The raid card cost me £100

    Jonny its just a hobby i play games and make my pc really good. Its worth over 7k at the moment
  13. Pounds that is
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  15. Well here we go just instaling windows on sata 2 now
  16. I realize this thread is a tiny bit old but my interest was tweaked.
    Any results from your follow on testing?
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