Dual Bios, worth it?

Hey guys, I was wondering what everyone thinks of dual bios motherboards. Do you guys think its worth getting or is it over-rated?
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  1. It never hurts to have dual BIOS. I have had the backup save at least one MB over the years. Not really a new option I remember it being on 1st generation LGA 775 boards. So that would be like 2004. Also it does not really cost more or anything as it generally is on just about any board I would buy anyway.
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    If you like to tinker and keep your BIOS updated by flashing new occasionally, of course it is absolutely worth it. My dual BIOS on my Gigabyte board has saved me at least once in the past. I take it you have never killed a motherboard during a botched flashing session eh? Well, it's one of those things like carrying a spare tire in your car. If you have never had a flat tire, it may be hard to understand why it is a good idea to carry a spare.

    If you don't tinker and never intend on upgrading, then you likely really don't need it, but it doesn't add to the cost of the board much at all, and is becoming standard on a lot of boards today anyway. I would say it is worth it for the company to build the feature in, rather than deal with a constant stream of customers calling and RMA'ing boards because they botched a BIOS update that 99% of the time they didn't need to do anyway.
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  4. Alright guys, thanks for the input =] and no i never killed a mobo...yet lol. Hopefully that never happens.
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