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Hi. As my original Compaq laptop keyboard had developed many broken keys, I bought a new one (keyboard, that is!). I installed the new one OK, but both shift keys produced a string of numbers and letters when you press them (it happens even during Windows XP installation, so it's not a software thing). Googled the problem, but no joy.

So, guessing the new keyboard was faulty, I got it replaced. Infuriatingly, the second replacement does the same thing, so I guess a motherboard problem (??). Does anyone recognise the symptoms? Anything to be done about it?


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  1. Well i had a problem a few weeks ago with my keyboard working on Bios ect, but when i got on the log in screen it did nothing and all the lights were on, i tried all of the USB ports and it was still playing up, i got fed up with it, i then took out and put in the Bios Battery and it work :S ... i am not sure if this will help u but maybe something to try...
  2. Took the CMOS battery out & then back in - it didn't help I'm afraid.

  3. Martin is talking laptop and adam is talking desktop?

    If this is a laptop, pull it back out and look at the installation. Either a cable or incorrect assembly would be my first choice.

    If all else fails then a portable USB keyboard may be in your future...have you tried that as a test??
  4. Yes, I saw that, but I tried removing the battery anyway. I have reinstalled the keyboard several times now - it's all snu and as it should be, as far as I can see at leastg. (I do have A+ certification for PCs, so don't think I am doing anything silly, though I am not so confident with laptops!).

    I wanted to test with a USB keyboard but don't have one - nor does anyone I know, so that's a no go for now I'm afraid. (Not that that would tell me exactly where the error is).


  5. Any other ideas anyone? Googling this hasn't come up with a solution, but I do see some other people who have exactly the same problem - the shift keys producing exactly the same string of characters as on my laptop:

  6. Loks like there may be a solution here, but Experts Exchange (which I used to visit quite regularly) is now a members only affair. I don't use it often enough to warrant paying for membership

  7. Any more ideas anyone?

    I remapped two keys to function as L & R Shift keys, so the laptop is usable, but be good to know why this silly thing is happening - and fix it. HP/Compaq just told me the machine was no longer underwarranty so they weren't interested..

  8. Any further ideas anyone?

    Martin ;)
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