Installing 1-4850 on a MA785GMT-UD2H Gigabyte MB

Good Afternoon. :)

After following the instructions provided by the Setup of the ATI Hybrid CrossFireX Configuration, the computer's device manager shows the 2 video card chipsets correctly, (1) from the 4850 and (1) from the 4200 integrated into the motherboard; but even after installing the most updated MB drivers and ATI video drivers, the ATI Catalyst Control Center doesn't give the option for CrossFire on the Graphics Menu.

I don't believe I need a CrossFire bridge connector (since there is no other physical card to plug it into), but am I missing something or is Windows 7- 64-bit just not recognizing it correctly, or is the ATI software not recognizing it so that it doesn't list it in the menu to choose or enable?

(Note: aren't there supposed to be 4 drivers showing in the device manager?)

Lost in a world of Crossfires,

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  1. Here is an informative but not hopeful link I found:
  2. And I believe this was the answer to my problem, so I'll just have to upgrade my board for 2 slots unless someone has gotten it to work... :(

    Hybrid ATI CrossFire™ Platform(Onboard GPU + 1 discrete GPU) Requirements:

    * The requirements of a ATI Hybrid CrossFire system are:
    o ATI Radeon™ HD 2400 Series, ATI Radeon™ HD 3400 Series or ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 3400 Series graphics processor
    + ATI Radeon™ HD 2400 supports only ATI Hybrid CrossFireX™ technology and ATI SurroundView™ technology.
    o A motherboard based on an AMD 780G or AMD 790GX integrated chipset
    o Windows Vista®

    Note! For more information, please visit
  3. I think that's wrong.

    You cannot crossfire a highend video card (4850) AND an onboard (4200) at the same time.

    Second. You can only use a low end Radeon GPU for hybrid crossfiring, like the link you mentioned, you can only hybrid crossfire using a Radeon 3450 or 3470.

    Third. I only tested this on a Radeon 3200 Onboard graphics, since I don't own a mobo that has a Radeon 4200. I'll assume the worse and I'll think that the Radeon 4200 doesn't ACTUALLY support hybrid crossfire. You will need a Radeon 3200.
  4. There is actually a section in your MB manual entitled "enabling hybrid crossfire" ...I suggest you read that.
  5. You cannot enable Hybrid CrossFire between an HD 4850 and onboard HD 4200. Your manual is wrong, and whatever table on Wikipedia you're looking at is wrong. This question comes up like two or three times a month it seems like...
  6. You were both correct.
    They were very clear on the ATI site that the older model cards are the only ones that will work with the Hybrid, period.
    I just will need to get another mb and this time read more on the specs. Prob. give that one to my wife since she still just plays solitaire! lol :)
    Thanks again for the input.
  7. Why would you need to replace the motherboard?
  8. A 4850 is a very capable card on its own, and would have had very very minimal performance increase from hybrid Xfire, should it have been capable. hell, it might have even ran worse.

    Hybrid Xfire is kind of a dirty trick IMO, it doesn't really live up to its claims, and when paired with an old card that works, is neat, but not revolutionary. For the people that don't want to replace their GPU, but need a new mobo, it is a fine option should their GPU fall into the compatable group. Other than that it should be forgettable sooner than later.
  9. I agree and I don't plan on replacing anything at this time. A simple stand-alone system is what it shall remain :) Future plans: 2-3 cards for myself and give wife the stand-alone :) Gonna end the thread with that :)
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