I5 2500K with Asus UEFI/MSI Afterburner

So I have scoured the internet looking for a way to overclock both the GPU and CPU. It seems every place I look I get different answers. Some people say "leave these settings unchanged" while another guide says "change this to..."
So far for the CPU I have these changes to make in the UEFI
Ai overlock tuner-change to manual
BCLK/PEG Frequency- 100 (mine is naturally 103 for some reason)
Turbo Ratio-BY all cores (can adjust in OS)- 42 (4.2ghz(
Memory Frequency- Auto

This is the simplest overclocking manual I have found, which changes the least amount of settings. Other guides say to change much more settings and I am concerned that I actually do need to change more. I plan on going to 4.1-4.2 for now and then up to 4.5 and above when I get a second GPU.

Secondly, how do I overclock with MSI Afterburner?
The changeable settings are: Core Voltage, Core Clock, Shader Clock, Memory Clock, and Fan speed.
I assume the only two things I need to change are core clock and core voltage correct? How do I go about overclocking safely? ie what increments do I increase by for voltage and clock?
Relevant Specs:
i5 2500K
Hpyer 212 coolermaster
XFX Radeon 6970
Corsair 850w

Lastly, my xfx 6970 runs very hot in idle about 60-65. Is this normal? I read that I should not be concerned until it hits 90 at load but 60 at idle seems way hot.
Thanks guys!
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  1. Keep the CPU overclocking simple, for mild to moderate overclocks all you really need to adjust is the CPU turbo ratio and Vcore (core voltage)

    Try not to get in the habit of leaving the Vcore on auto as it tends to supply more voltage than is needed, thus reducing the lifespan and increasing power usage and heat.

    For an overclock of 4.2Ghz I'd try roughly 1.2V, then test for stability using a program like Prime95 for 15 minutes, if its stable then try decreasing the voltage by 0.01V and retest for stability, if its unstable then increase the voltage by 0.01V
    Remember to monitor the CPU's temps using a program like Hardware Monitor. Once your happy test for stability for atleast 8 hours.

    GPU overclocking with MSI afterburner is easy aswell, I'd recommend starting with the Core frequency at first (Rather than trying to overclock both the memory and Core at the same time) and increase the core frequency by a small amount, perhaps 15Mhz, then you'll need to test to make sure its still stable. If so then continue increasing the frequency, if its unstable increase the voltage by the smallest increment.

    Make sure you find out what is a safe 24/7 voltage for your graphics card and monitor the temps whilst stress testing.

    Your idle temps are quite high, do you have multiple monitors ?

    What are the load temps like?

    You may want to make sure that your RAM is running at its rated speed and timings as the AUTO setting doesn't always get it right.
  2. Yes I have three monitors..I know that it will raise the temperature having them but I still think 60 idle is a bit high. I haven't really ran a stress test yet, but a load for a game like skyrim was about mid 70's if I remember correctly.
    I will check the ram tonight.

    So thats it for overclocking the cpu..just change the two settings? It just seems too easy.

    Thanks for the help!
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